Remarks by the president of the China Serbia Economic Association

The “China Serbia Economic Association” was established at the end of January 2018 as a common wish of both Chinese and Serbian business people and experts to work together to promote and support exchanges and activities between the business entities and institutional organizations of the two countries. To promote mutual cooperation and deepen mutual understanding and friendship.
The China Serbia Economic Association will work hard to introduce the business environment of the Serbia  and the advantages of investing in Serbia to the Chinese business community, provide support for Chinese companies that are interested in entering the Serbian market, and assist Serbian business to get more easily accessible to the Chinese market and facilitated promotion. We will also help Serbian business people to establish smoother connections with Chinese partners and related agencies.
The China Serbia Economic Association will also tap the needs of business people in both countries and convey them to relevant agencies of the two sides in an initiative that will help improve the economic and cultural relations between the two countries.
Business people working with overseas companies all know that the necessary prerequisite for successful cooperation is to understand the cultural characteristics and management systems and ideas of their partners, the country’s overall business environment, laws and other areas of policy. In addition, it is useful to have the opportunity to exchange experience with another business person and get help from an expert who can help introduce the information in a way that both parties can understand and accept.
The cooperation platform jointly established by  China and  Serbia under the “One Belt and One Road” initiative has laid a good foundation for expanding cooperation between the two parties in areas of common interest. These areas include: investment promotion, agriculture, transportation and infrastructure, logistics, internet technology, telecommunications, trade, e-commerce, energy and mining, banking, the financial sector, and so on. The China Serbia Economic Association will strive to mobilize the business people of both China and Serbia to actively interact with them to overcome their problems quickly and effectively.
In addition to continuing to enhance its position and continuing to strengthen its economic cooperation activities between China and Serbia, the China Serbia Economic Association will work hard to develop and implement long-term plans for the common goals of both business people, outstanding individuals, and national institutions, especially The “Belt and Road Initiative” has jointly strengthened the cooperation on platforms, as well as the areas of increasing trade in goods and services, direct investment, and other types of investment, focusing on the promotion of the prosperity of both sides and the deepening of overall friendship and cooperation.