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Chinese president invites President Vucic to visit

2018-07-07 | 0 Comments

Chinese President Xi Jinping has invited Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic to attend the “Summer Davos” gathering in China in September.

Xi thanks Vucic for wishing the message he received on his birthday, and said he was “touched by the sincere and friendly words” and also, Vucic’s enthusiasm to develop Sino-Serbian relations.

“The comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Serbia is getting deeper day by day and such relations between us provide a significant opportunity for development. I devote great attention to development of the relations between China and Serbia, and I want to maintain close communication with you with the aim of taking the Sino-Serbian friendship to an even higher level, which implies greater progress and prosperity of our two countries and nations,” Xi wrote.

“I welcome you to the Summer Davos this September in China. I wish you great success in your work, and good health,” the Chinese president concluded.

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